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Episode #5 – Things That Happen in Gyms Podcast

I’m so excited to have been a guest on my friend Elaine’s podcast, Things That Happen in Gyms.

We had wide ranging conversation, talking about world records, awkward things that happen in yoga, misusing trial passes, a big ball experience, and we get into a polite disagreement about controversial diversity topics.


  • Guinness World Records (1:50)
  • Kids say the cutest things (5:25)
  • Trying new things (9:35)
  • A beginner yogi (12:33)
  • Awkward yoga things (16:06)
  • Zoom set-ups (18:15)
  • Travelling & trial passes (22:26)
  • Diversity controversy (27:20)
  • Dangerous team building activities (38:15)
  • Elaine’s big ball experience (40:52)
  • Not many people know this about Rob (42:50)
  • Next episode teaser | The Purpose Of Life Feb 16th (45:42)

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