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Introducing the Bushnell Sport 850 Laser Rangefinder for Disc Golf

Available to purchase on Friday, February 5 @ 6pm MST only at

I’m excited to partner with JK Discs to bring you the Bushnell Sport 850 to Western Canada!

Attention disc golfers who demand a high performance rangefinder: the Bushnell Sport 850 Rangefinder measures in feet with scan mode for quick and accurate readings.

  • MEASURES IN FEET, YARDS, AND METERS Now measures in feet for faster reference during competition. Who needs math class!
  • FAST RANGING WITH SCAN MODE Updates range 4x per second for fast, reliable ranging across all distances on a hole. Great for understanding the distance of elements around the fairway and the basket quickly.
  • EASY TO USE, ONE BUTTON DESIGN Only a single button is required to operate the Sport 850. Press once to power and again to range once. Hold the button down to activate scan mode and range an entire area. Holding the button down when powering on will get you the menu where you can change your measurement value.
  • 2X BRIGHTER FOR DIM CONDITIONS 50% larger Objective lens paired with an all glass optical system bring more light to your eye for a brighter image in dark environments like areas with dense tree coverage.
  • TRUE COLOR FOR ACCURATE COLOR REPRESENTATION Fully multi-coated optics with Ultra wide band coatings provide bright, true to life colors at 6x magnification making it easier to understand the terrain.
  • LONG DISTANCE RANGING WITH +/-3 FEET ACCURACY 2550 feet to a reflective target provide the ability to range even the longest hole.
  • ARC TECHNOLOGY FOR ANGLE READINGS ON THE COURSE Angle range compensation (arc) accounts for terrain angle, giving you an approach angle on uphill and downhill shots.
  • 5 YEAR LIFETIME IRONCLAD WARRANTY The Sport 850 backed by the Lifetime Ironclad warranty and are engineered and manufactured to withstand the rigors of the outdoors for the lifetime of the product. Fully transferable and no receipt required.

Find out more at