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Frisbee: The Ageless Game

Frisbee is the Ageless Game and as a sport is similar to Track & Field since there are multiple disciplines. Frisbee is played by millions of people globally in more than 100 countries and the frisbee is the best selling toy/sports object of all time. Frisbee has seen a huge amount of growth during Covid in large part because it’s easy to physically distance, it can be played year round, and it’s relatively inexpensive to get started.

Frisbee is a great sport for developing physical literacy. The disc itself is incredibly versatile since there are more than 150 unique throws. No matter the space available, it’s possible to play frisbee – indoors or outdoors. In fact, many schools have installed a disc golf course for a fraction of the cost of installing a basketball course or a tennis court.

Join Frisbee Rob as he walks you through the history of frisbee, an overview of the official disciplines, the basics including throwing & catching, the more advanced including skills and games, and a sample curriculum for your PE program from a single day to a multi-week plan.