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UpDog in Flip Flops Canine Disc Competition

This weekend, I competed in a two-day UpDog Challenge with several of Lara’s boys, including Davy Whippet’s brother Mutiny.

On Sunday, Mutiny became the NEW UpDog Far Out World Record holder!

In our second round of Far Out, Mutiny and I had a total combined score of 338 yards, all with rollers, with our best at 118.5 yards! We used SuperSonics from Hero Disc USA.

Mutiny is a two-time Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance World Champion, and turns 10 this year. He is a Border Whippet so he has the drive of a Border Collie with the speed and off switch of a Whippet. He has always been an amazing athlete and he hasn’t slowed down at all!

Far Out is a long distance game. You get 3 throws (roller or air shot) and it’s a cumulative game. You can take a Sweet Shot bonus throw, which can replace your lowest scoring throw. The highest total wins.

Thanks to Kara for giving me the thought that I could even go after the record and to Shawn for letting me know about the record!

Thanks Marion, Debbie, Kara, and Shawn for all the work you put in to make this event happen.

Thank you Lara for the opportunity to play with your boys and making it possible for me to compete this weekend!

Thanks Gary for setting such a high bar and pushing me to raise it!

If you have a dog and would like to find out more about getting them playing frisbee including proper (safe) dog discs, let me know!