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Guinness World Record Holder Visits the Bulkley Valley

Students at Smithers Secondary School are in for a treat this week when they receive a visit from 6-time Guinness World Record holder “Frisbee Rob” McLeod, who is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador.

Rob will be teaching frisbee all week, having students explore what’s possible including ultimate, disc golf, freestyle, self caught flight, and inventing games. Rob is a physical literacy champion and incorporates fundamental movement skills into every workshop, teaching the importance of multi sport participation, and challenging students to get Unplugg’d by setting limits on screen time including: no screens at the dinner table, no screens one hour before bed, and no screens in the bedroom.

Rob travels all over the world competing in frisbee competitions and has been touring North America for seven years sharing his message to over 135,000 kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12. His messages include physical literacy, learning from failure & not giving up, kindness, and getting unplugg’d. He also runs frisbee workshops for students that includes throwing & catching, running and showing the possibilities that exist with a frisbee (150+ throws and infinite catches!).

In addition to his 6 Guinness World Records, Rob also has 13 World Championships and holds the Canadian Distance Record for throwing a flying disc farther than any other Canadian, which is currently 712 feet (more than 2 football fields!).

Rob is passionate about inspiring and encouraging kids to be the best they can be – no matter what that might be. He is also concerned about the amount of time that kids are spending in front of a screen (the average kid spends 8 hours a day in front of a screen and 3 hours playing video games). Rob’s assembly includes a challenge to all students – to set limits on screen time, and to not have screens in the bedroom, at the dinner table, and for one hour before bed.

Rob has also co-authored a children’s book featuring real-life dog Davy Whippet, his canine teammate and best friend. Together they have 2 Guinness World Records. The book is titled The Davy Rule and it teaches kids about acceptance, kindness, determination and self-awareness, aimed at children ages 4-10. You can find out more online at

For interview requests, please contact Rob by phone at 403-618-2946 or email at