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Frisbee Rob Skating Towards Guinness World Record

On February 12, Calgarian “Frisbee Rob” McLeod will be attempting to break a Guinness World Record for Frisbee on Ice. This will be Rob’s 5th time performing at the Silver Skate Festival, where he has set/broken more than 15 World Records including 6 Guinness World Records and 12 WFDF World Records.

The record Rob is aiming to take down is for Throw, Run, and Catch (TRC) on Ice Skates.

In TRC the player throws, and then runs (or skates) to catch the disc with one hand. The distance between the circle where the disc was thrown and where it was caught, is measured. Players get five attempts and the best one counts. Rob set the current record at the 2018 festival at 92.4 metres, which is longer than an NFL field.

His goal this year is to go over 100 metres, which would make it longer than a CFL football field.

“It’s an honour to be invited back to the Silver Skate Festival. It’s held a special place in my heart from the moment I stepped on the ice for the first time at Hawrelak Park,” said Rob. “Not only was I born in Edmonton, and later attended the University of Alberta for my first year, but it was also where I first learned/taught myself how to throw a frisbee, and fell in love with the flight of the disc.”

“Frisbee Rob” McLeod

Rob is seeking a title sponsor for his event. All of the sponsorship monies will go directly to support the Silver Skate Festival and give visibility to the sponsor through both Rob’s and the Silver Skate’s websites, social media, and media coverage.

Find out more about sponsorship in the official Silver Skate sponsor package (PDF). If you’re interested, please contact

Current Record

Find out more about Rob’s upcoming attempt on the Silver Skate website:

For interview requests, please contact Rob by phone at 403-618-2946 or email at or through his Contact Page.

About the Silver Skate Festival

Silver Skate Festival is a 10-day, family-oriented festival running February 11-21, 2022 in Edmonton’s scenic river valley. Rooted in Dutch winter traditions, the festival combines sport (especially skating), arts and culture, and recreation. Celebrating its 28th anniversary in 2018, the Silver Skate Festival is the longest running winter festival in Edmonton. Over the years, it has grown in leaps and bounds, from a small skating event to a large-scale, winter extravaganza.

Each year, the festival transforms Hawrelak Park into a winter wonderland with fun for the entire family. Here, you’ll discover breathtaking snow sculpture, winter sports, and horse-drawn sleighs carrying families through the park. Sit in a Cree Winter Camp and cook bannock over an open fire. Compete in the Winter triathlon or speed skating events. Take in live music and theatrical performances with your friends and loved ones. Our festival activities are as diverse as the people who call our Northern community home.

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