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First Intercollegiate Disc Golf Tournament in Canadian History

On Saturday, March 19 the University of Calgary Dinos disc golf team hosted the SAIT Trojans in the first ever intercollegiate disc golf tournament in Canadian history! My role was Head Coach of the SAIT team so I didn’t compete, but rather helped out with the tournament, and made sure that my players (and the U of C players) had support throughout the day in case any rules questions came up, or if they needed anything. It’s been a while since I coached, and my first time ever coaching a Disc Golf team, so needless to say I was pretty excited!

In total, more than 30 staff and students competed in three divisions over two rounds at the Currie Reservoir Disc Golf Course in Calgary, Alberta. The Advanced division had 15 players, Recreational had 17, and Staff had 4.

The top 3 in each division, with their scores in brackets:


  1. Jonathan Guenther (69-94=133)
  2. Josh Meijndert (68-68=136)
  3. Phillipe Butler (68-68=136)


  1. Matthew Kemp (68-70=138)
  2. Chase Anderson (72-68=140)
  3. Ben Hames (73-70=143)


  1. Bryce Pickford (67-67=136)
  2. Ben Ellard (68-69=137)
  3. Dennis Meijndert (76-72=148)

Full results and information are on the official DiscGolfScene page:

I’m so proud of Jonathan, who I only met for the first two a few weeks ago, and who came out to a practice I held the week before the tournament. I got to follow him in the second round for the last 6 or 7 holes and it was awesome to watch him stick to his gameplan, which ultimately led to him shooting the hot round of the entire tournament, and a 3-stroke victory!

Here is Jonathan tapping out on the final hole, securing his win!

SAIT Frisbee Program

I was hired by SAIT in September 2021 to build a frisbee program, and so this was our first event due to Covid restrictions over the past 6 months. My goal was to have 10 SAIT players and with 13 registered, we were able to make it happen! To build a frisbee program means to create opportunities for people to try, learn, and play frisbee – in this case Disc Golf, but I am also working to build an Ultimate team, and establish Dodge Disc intramurals.

If you go to SAIT or know someone who does and would be interested in learning more about the program, please Contact Me.

Check out some photos from the players meeting, and catching up with groups on the course throughout the day.

Everyone had a great time, the weather was perfect, and it gives us a great starting point to build towards in the future!

Huge thanks to Josh, Cael, and the U of C Disc Golf team for hosting this tournament and making it possible! Thanks to Gander Disc Golf, the tournament sponsor, for providing banners and disc discounts to make sure our event felt legitimate, and every player got to go home with some brand new discs!