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Assembly and Frisbee Workshops at Lloyd Garrison School

I spent the day speaking and teaching frisbee to 65 students from Kindergarten to Grade 11.

The highlight of the day was when Grade 1 student Joseph threw the disc into the basketball net from the other side of the gym. Other than two students in the junior/senior high class, he was the only one to make the throw!

The core messages I shared today:

  • Physical Literacy: The importance of trying/doing multiple sports/activities.
  • Kindness: Focus on pro-Kindness rather than anti-Bullying.
  • Resiliency/Growth Mindset: Learning from failure, and valuing practice.
  • Kindness/Unplugg’d Challenge: building self-disciplines by setting screen time limits.

During the frisbee workshops, the students learned all about throwing & catching, ultimate, disc golf, freestyle, creating throws, and inventing games.

We also played Dodge Disc (with a Dodgebee) and Battle Royale (a frisbee tag game).

Huge thanks to Principal Krumpholz for having me in!