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Assembly and Frisbee Workshops at St Andrew School

Today was a hard day – the 21st anniversary since my mom passed away. But it was a good day and I think today she would have been proud of who I am and the work I’m doing.

I spent the day speaking and teaching frisbee to 130 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 at St. Andrew School.

During the assembly, I gave them my Kindness Challenge (no screens in the bedroom, at the dinner table, and one hour before bed). I also talked about focusing on being kind rather than not bullying – there is a big difference.

I talked about how I didn’t start playing frisbee until after high school and how important it is to practice, keep trying, and not give up when you really want something. I talked about doing more and watching less, trying their best, and encouraged them to find their thing.

I made some time for the students to ask questions and there were some really great questions! I was so impressed with how they all did during the assembly – for many of them it was their first assembly ever, and it was the first assembly for the school in over 2 years!

During the workshops, they learned what’s possible with frisbee including throwing & catching, disc golf, ultimate, freestyle, creating throws, and inventing games.

It was such a fun day and so a huge thanks to Principal Kittelson for having me in and getting a class set of frisbees for the school!