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Frisbee Workshops at Ramsay School

It’s been a few years since I was last at Ramsay School so not only was it great to be back, but some of the kids remembered me!

In advance of me coming, the teachers played lots of my videos for the students, including the video of Sailor and I from the Stampeders halftime show.

Needlees to say, when the students arrived in the gym, they were stoked for frisbee! I signed some autographs and had a great time!

The highlight was when a grade 2/3 student threw a frisbee into the disc golf basket – she ended up being the only one all day!

I finished off each workshop by giving the students the Kindness Challenge, and left one Frisbee Rob XDISC behind which will go to the winner of the challenge!

Huge thanks to Jillian for having me in again!