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Assembly and Frisbee Workshops at Lumsden Elementary

I spent the day speaking and teaching frisbee to more than 500 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 at Lumsden Elementary School.

Not only does Lumsden have a disc golf course in their town, but they also have a full set of baskets and have taken the older students out to the course! Since they had already been exposed to disc golf, it gave me the opportunity to introduce Dodge Disc to a few of the classes, and I left a Dodgebee so they can continue to learn and play!

Since they have such a large school, I did two assemblies to start the day and gave all the students my Kindness Challenge, for which they have the chance to win mini frisbees from Charlesglen Toyota!

Huge thanks to Mrs Matlock for all the support and bringing me in!

What’s neat is I actually spoke at Lumsden Elementary in 2015, back when I was really first getting into being a professional speaker. I sure have come a long way!