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Frisbee Residency at North Haven School

I spent 3 days teaching students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 all about frisbee during a residency at North Haven School.

Along with teaching them what’s possible with frisbee, I also shared messages about kindness, resiliency, finding their thing, and trying their best.

They learned all about throwing & catching, ultimate, disc golf, freestyle, dodge disc, inventing throws, and creating games. It was awesome getting a few days with every student because they got significantly better through practice, curiousity, and getting to build their confidence with the new skills they learned.

Huge thanks to Charlesglen for sponsoring one of the days and giving a bunch of mini frisbees to the school for my Kindness Challenge.

I gave away a few of the minis to students who did something special – either with the frisbee, or by treating someone else in their class with kindness.