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Frisbee Rob Returns to McMahon Stadium for Calgary Stampeders Halftime Show

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Calgarian “Frisbee Rob” McLeod, the holder of 10 Guinness World Records, will be returning to McMahon Stadium to perform at halftime this Friday, October 14 when the Calgary Stampeders take on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. A year ago, Rob performed with his canine teammate, Sailor the Touchdown Dog, where they went endzone-to-endzone for a 110 yard touchdown (a 109 yard throw & catch), breaking the record for the Longest Throw at a Live Sporting Event.

This time Rob will be joined by the top ultimate frisbee athletes from Calgary and Edmonton, when they take to the field for a showcase game which will be the first ever “Mixed Ultimate Exhibition at a Professional Sporting Event”.

“The Calgary Stampeders are excited to have 10-time Guinness World Record holder “Frisbee Rob” McLeod back at McMahon, this time joined by the top ultimate players from Calgary and Edmonton, in the “Ultimate Battle of Alberta” said Austin Shaw, Game Presentation and Events Manager. “Ultimate is a fast paced, dynamic, and exciting sport to watch, and we know that our fans will love getting to watch these athletes show us what’s possible!”

In July of this summer, McLeod competed with FIGJAM, a Grandmasters team based in Calgary, at the World Masters Ultimate Club Championships. Going into the tournament ranked 12th, they upset many of the top teams on route to a berth in the final, and a silver medal after a hard fought game against Surly, from Minnesota, USA.

“Being invited back to perform at halftime is exciting, not only because of the success we had with our previous performance, but also getting to showcase a different disc sport. Ultimate was the first disc sport I ever played and to be joined by many of my friends and the top athletes in Alberta is exciting for both the fans and the community.” said McLeod. “We have athletes who have played for Team Canada, athletes who competed at Nationals, and athletes who are considered some of the best in Canada. We are excited to bring a high level of play, with many exciting throws and catches which will be sure to get the fans fired up and a great experience about what ultimate is all about. The bonus is that this will be the first time both men & women have gotten to showcase ultimate together at a professional sporting event, which is exciting to be a part of!”

Kickoff is 7:30 p.m. for the game. The Stamps will be playing the Hamilton Ti-Cats for the second time this season, with the Stamps winning the first meeting 33-30 in overtime.

Frisbee Rob and Sailor – Oct 23, 2021

Rob and Sailor broke the record for Longest Catch at a Live Sporting Event with a 109 yard throw and catch. The video of that throw has continued to go viral, amassing more than 300 million views across multiple channels and platforms. Here is the original video: