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Frisbee Rob Embarks on Cross-Canada Inspirational Tour


CALGARY, AB, November 19, 2023 – Robert “Frisbee Rob” McLeod, an internationally recognized inspirational speaker, frisbee ambassador, and holder of 13 Guinness World Records, is set to embark on a monumental cross-Canada tour. Over the next two months, Frisbee Rob is scheduled to inspire and educate more than 10,000 children in over 30 schools across five provinces.

McLeod, who is featured prominently in the 2024 Guinness World Records book, is renowned for his unique approach to motivational speaking. He uses frisbee to make failure fun, teaching children the importance of physical literacy, resiliency, kindness, and self-awareness. His tour is expected to be a significant event in the Canadian educational landscape.

The cross-Canada tour stands as a testament to his life’s motto, “Best Effort Always“— a call to strive for personal excellence rather than aiming to outdo others. This philosophy has propelled him to the top of his field, making him one of the world’s leading figures in physical literacy and personal development.

In addition to his motivational talks, McLeod will conduct his award winning frisbee workshops, showing kids what’s possible with not only the sport of flying disc, but also what’s possible with the frisbee itself. His hands-on approach and engaging style will inspire kids, support PE curriculum, and empower teachers to bring more play to the classroom.

McLeod’s journey will commence in Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan, with plans to visit schools as he drives across the country, both to finish out 2023 and to begin 2024. Media outlets are invited to interview Frisbee Rob about his work, his records, and his inclusion in the 2024 Guinness World Records book. This is a unique opportunity to align with a respected global brand and share an inspirational story about resilience, determination, and the power of best effort.

He will also be making stops at schools in Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Regina, Bathurst, and Saint John, including many more.

For further information or to schedule an interview, please contact Rob directly: