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Fall 2017 Frisbee Workshops at Sunchild School

In the fall of 2017, I spent 3 days at Sunchild School talking to the students about Kindness, Acceptance, Determination and Unplugging. I challenged the students to get Unplugg’d and spend less time in front of a screen. I also taught frisbee workshops for the 3 days that I was at the school, got to meet some of the parents, and the school actually bought enough frisbees that every student got to take one home.

David Malthouse, principal of Sunchild School, talks about the work they’re doing in the community to get more kids active, away from screens, engaging the parents, and creating opportunities to teach and celebrate the storied culture of the first nations.

I’m excited to go back in a few years and I hope that the students will take the lessons they learned and find their own reason to play frisbee!

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