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new brunswick

Huge thanks to Sheriff Sean McMorrow for having me on The Sheriff Podcast!

Frisbee Rob McLeod and Sailor the dog, a border collie-whippet cross, combined forces at the Calgary Stampeders football game Saturday Oct. 23 for a 109-yard flying disc throw and catch.

Last Christmas, I filmed a frisbee on ice trick shot video at the AYR Motor Centre in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada. Subscribe to be notified when the first trick shot drops!

Last Christmas, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Ben and Dani as they shared some great tips for parents when it comes to nutrition for kids.

As I sit in the airport doing work and mentally preparing for the next few weeks, I have some time to reflect back on my trip to Nova Scotia & New Brunswick. As is common for me it seems, I’m right back where it began, but with a new collection of emotions, experiences, and stories to absorb.Read More »Coming Full Circle – Nova Scotia March 2018