ultimate frisbee

Twirl a disc around your finger, with many variations! Twirl clockwise and counter clockwise, on your right and left hand. Switch fingers. Switch hands. Twirl… Read More »Twirling – Frisbee Skills

More than 130 students at Norman Carter School spent the day getting Unplugg’d, learning all about frisbee, and getting lots of exercise. They had a visit from Frisbee Rob, who challenged them to spend less time in front of a screen, encouraged them to try new things, and shows them what’s possible with frisbee.Read More »Norman Carter Students Get Unplugg’d

During one of my recent frisbee workshops, I had a grade 4 student tell me that I was her hero. I have never been called a hero before so after looking up the definition and doing a bit of research on what a hero is, I share my thoughts on what it means to be a hero.Read More »What It Means to Be a Hero