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How to Choose the Right Golf Disc

I think the best way to choose the right golf disc for someone all depends on their current skill level and as they improve they can buy discs to match their increasing skill level.

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If you're reading this and don't know where to start, reach out to me.
I was featured on episode #66 of the Athletes Podcast sharing what I do in schools, with WFDF, and how I approach training.
This is the Disc Golf Basket Bleacher Throw-In. Not only is this my favourite one, but it also took the most attempts.
Time flies
Too often we are focused on how much time we spend with people or on work or doing something we love, but to flip it and instead focus on the energy that we're spending during that time is more important.
You can only throw ONE disc for the rest of your life. I’d choose an Innova Discs DX Condor (138 grams), a Hero Disc USA Xtra 235 Distance, or a Wham-O FB6 Fastback. What do you choose?
This is the Disc Golf Basket Skip Shot on Ice Skates. Skipping a disc is easily done by using a hyzer release angle (point the edge of the disc opposite your hand towards the ground.
I'm extremely honoured to have been selected to join the Nuun Hydration Elite team!
William Sterrett broke the U6 Boys MTA World Record when he threw a disc and caught it 2.97 seconds on Dec 31, 2020.
Three Blind Mice is a fun and challenging 18 hole disc golf course located in the open pine forest above the vineyards and orchards north of Penticton.
Dan "Stork" Roddick dazzles with many fascinating stories: how to win a car in disc golf, the intricate challenges of game design, and the amazing origins of the beloved North American Series and the World Frisbee Championships.
Last Christmas, I filmed a Frisbee on Ice Trick Shot video. This is called TRC on Ice Skates. TRC, or Throw Run Catch, is when I throw, skate, and catch the disc with one hand.
Last Christmas, I filmed a frisbee on ice trick shot video at the AYR Motor Centre in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada. This is the Exploding Frisbee trick shot and is the first one to be released from that video.
At the WCBU2017, commentator Tom Styles and I had some fun chatting with players, finding out who could name all 10 disciplines governed by the World Flying Disc Federation.
Last Christmas, I filmed a frisbee on ice trick shot video at the AYR Motor Centre in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada. Subscribe to be notified when the first trick shot drops!
Last Christmas, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Ben and Dani as they shared some great tips for parents when it comes to nutrition for kids.
I'm honoured to have been re-elected as the Overall Chair for an additional 2 year term. There is much work to be done and lots of potential for the Overall and frisbee in general. I'm excited to continue the work I've done and work with…
Skating is one of my favourite things to do, so getting to combine frisbee with skating is pretty incredible. Living near the Rocky Mountains gives me some unique opportunities since there are so many lakes and the wind off the mountains keeps them clear of…
A few weeks ago I was supposed to teach a disc golf clinic and do an interview for the Chatter in the Woods community newsletter at Redwood Meadows but unfortunately a snowstorm caused the organizers to postpone the event, including the clinic and the interview.…