frisbee rob

I got to teach frisbee to 60 students from Grade 1-9 and show them what’s possible. They got to throw & catch, do freestyle tricks, play disc golf, create throws, and play Battle Royale frisbee tag!

In 2019, Arlen Darby and Jeri-Ann Brownbridge started playing disc golf. In 2020, they traveled the province of Saskatchewan, playing every single course.

I had a great time getting the staff of Bucars RV out for some disc golf at the newest course in Airdrie, Alberta!

Last weekend, I competed in the 2021 Falcon’s Flight disc golf tournament, a 3 day PDGA A-tier at the Aspen Meadows East & West disc golf courses near Sundre, Alberta, Canada.

This weekend, I competed in the 2021 Tommy Douglas Open, the largest disc golf tournament ever held in Regina. I’m going to break it down in two ways – the finite game (my tournament play) and the infinite game (everything else).

I taught a group of outdoor enthusiasts all about frisbee, with a focus on disc golf.

Frisbee is the Ageless Game and as a sport is similar to Track & Field since there are multiple disciplines. Frisbee is played by millions of people globally in more than 100 countries and the frisbee is the best selling toy/sports object of all time.

I love having Sailor as a teammate. Sailor is a 6 year old Border Whippet who loves to run fast and catch my throws.

Students at Lady Grey Elementary in Golden, BC are in for a treat this week when they receive a visit from 6-time Guinness World Record holder “Frisbee Rob” McLeod, who is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador.

In this training session, I went looking for a better venue to practice and found some huge parking lots at the Calgary Zoo!