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Frisbee and Unplugging at New Ross Consolidated School

On my last day in Nova Scotia before I head home, I spoke to 100 students from Primary to Grade 8 about physical literacy, kindness, learning from failure and not giving up, getting Unplugg’d, and showing them what’s possible with frisbee.

My favourite part was the teacher battle which turned into something really exciting for the kids, and was a lot of fun for both teachers too!

It’s so much fun getting to witness kids seeing something for the first time, and the way that it ignites their imagination.

As always, their favourite was getting to spin the XDISC at the beginning, and getting to watch me do a trick shot.

I’m looking forward to being home after being gone for more than a month and tackling some big projects related to frisbee, curriculum, development, and sponsorship.

Still so much to absorb from this trip that included the Canadian Ultimate Championships, the Canadian Disc Golf Championships, and the World Urban Games!

Huge thanks to fellow Innova Ambassador David Gillett for lending me a basket, and helping me introduce frisbee/disc golf/freestyle/ultimate to roughly 2,000 kids from ages 4-13 throughout NS and PEI among 8 schools.