Frisbee Rob Remains on Innova’s Ambassador Team for 2018

Innova Discs has confirmed that Rob “Frisbee Rob” McLeod will be joining the Ambassador Team for the second consecutive year. Last year was Rob’s first time being sponsored by Innova Discs.

Rob has been throwing frisbees since 2000, playing ultimate frisbee since 2001, disc golf since 2010, dog disc since 2011 and overall since 2011. Rob currently holds 6 Guinness World Records, has 12 World Championships and holds the Canadian Distance Record. Rob is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Since joining Innova’s Ambassador team, Rob won two more World Championships this past summer at the 2017 World Overall Flying Disc Championships in Basingstoke, UK. He is the 2017 WFDF World Distance Champion and the 2017 WFDF World Self Caught Flight Champion. He won the Distance Gold throwing an Innova Blizzard Boss and won the Self Caught Flight Gold throwing an Innova Condor.

Rob also recently made a basketball frisbee trick shot on the first attempt in front of more than 500 kids (on two separate occasions) using a Hero Disc Xtra 235 (Hero Disc is a sub-brand of Innova).

Rob has been throwing Innova golf discs since he started playing disc golf and five of his Guinness World Records are with an Innova disc – four with a 138 gram Innova Condor and one with an Innova Zephyr. Additionally, six of Rob’s World Championships were won with Innova discs – four Self Caught Flight World titles with an Innova 138g Condor, the World Distance title with an Innova Blizzard Boss, and the Overall Disc Golf World title with Innova golf discs. Rob’s six other World titles were set with Hero Discs – a combination of Hero Xtra 235 dog discs and SuperHero dog discs.  Rob’s Canadian Distance Record was also set with a 158g Innova Blizzard Boss.

Guinness World Records that were set with Innova Discs

About the Team and Innova

Innova Ambassadors are men and women who have a special passion for promotion. While many Ambassadors do participate in tournaments, there are no performance-based requirements to maintain Ambassador status. Innova works closely with Ambassadors in many ways such as event management, sponsorship, clinics, course design, trade shows, and other forms of localized, grass roots promotion.

INNOVA was formed in 1983 to meet the developing equipment needs of disc golfers. In that year, Dave Dunipace created the World’s first disc designed specifically for the sport of Disc Golf. That first disc, the Eagle – U.S. Patent # 4,568,297, established INNOVA as the technological pacesetter in Disc Golf. Below are the original patent drawings. Our continuing design innovations and product improvements keep INNOVA number one in Disc Golf.

Today INNOVA is the most popular and complete line of golf discs. INNOVA’s precision molded discs meet the demands of any shot regardless of the player’s skill level. INNOVA golf discs offer the superior “feel” that is so critical for confident, shot making ability. INNOVA golf discs fly great right out the box and wear in slowly. The inevitable changes in flight characteristics that come with use are gradual and older discs often become those special discs you depend upon when you have to make the shot that counts.