Frisbee and Unplugging at Nellie McClung Elementary

Huge thank you to Mrs. Turnbull for having me in for 3 days this week to speak and teach frisbee to 350+ students from Kindergarten to Grade 6!

We created a challenge to have students remove screens from their bedroom, remove screens from the dinner table, and get off screens 60 minutes before bed. Any students who complete the Unplugg’d Challenge will have a chance to win an XDISC!

My highlight this week aside from getting to connect and share my passion with so many kids, is having the students make up their own games today. We had such games as “Mappy Duckles”, “Air Mat”, “Frisbee Stack”, and “Turtle Tag”.

I absolutely love showing kids what’s possible with frisbee, sharing my passion, and encouraging them to explore their own passions!